“Love Is a Long Shot” is the third release from indie outfit Frithiof, based in Jokkmokk in the north of Sweden. The trio merges 60’s and 90’s pop with modern indie, creating a lush, yet raw, guitar-driven powerpop sound. Recorded and produced by Marcus Garbom, co-produced and mixed by Stefan N. Sundström. Released by BD Pop/DigiNorth.


Frithiof’s biography isn’t especially extraordinary or unique and despite the fact that they live in Jokkmokk their music doesn’t contain magic drums or joik. In a time where the focus is on great stories and grand gestures they are a timid guitar based band in shirt and jeans that put their music in the centre of attention.

– It would feel weird pretending to be something that we’re not just for the sake of getting clicks, says singer Frithiof Stenvall. We just try to make good songs.

Frithiof Stenvall and former bassist Anton Vallin grew up in Måttsund and Vuollerim respectively but met in Jokkmokk and began writing music together. They mixed their strong 60s influences with the 90s indie and modern pop, picked up Andreas Larsson on drums and began playing around Norrbotten.

During the fall of 2014 the band recorded the debut single ”Long Gone”, which was later released in cooperation with BD Pop/DigiNorth. A short while thereafter they released their second single ”Parachute”.

Now they have released their third single ”Love Is a Long Shot”, produced by Marcus Garbom and Stefan Sundström. In connection with the single they also released a video, directed by Martin Åhlin and Olle Sundberg.




Past gigs


7/2 – Luleå, Ebeneser
1/2 – Jokkmokks Vintermarknad, Gasskas
30/1 – Jokkmokks Vintermarknad, Hembygdsgården


9/12 – Jokkmokk, Bio Norden
25/11 – Luleå, Invit
24/11 – Luleå, Invit
22/11 – Luleå, Ebeneser
20/10 – Luleå, Ebeneser, Manifest on Tour
7/10 – Luleå, P4-Norrbotten
6/10 – Skellefteå, Rivhuset
5/10 – Örebro, Rockbaren
4/10 – Stockholm, PSB
30/9 – Luleå, STUK
28/9 – Piteå, Kaleido
23/9 – Luleå, Invit
13/8 – Arjeplog, Same-SM
15/7 – Luleå Hamnfestival, Roasters
15/7 – Luleå Hamnfestival, Ebeneser
14/7 – Jokkmokk, Parken
5/6 – Jokkmokk, Hembygdsgården
4/6 – Luleå, Kulturgården
14/5 – Saxnäs, Sáminuorra
22/4 – Vuollerim, Gästgiveriet
6/4 – Luleå, Ebeneser
6/2 – Vuollerim, Gästgiveriet
6/2 – Jokkmokk, Gijssá
5/2 – Jokkmokk, Bio Norden
4/2 – Jokkmokk, Gijssá


17/12 – Jokkmokk, Välgörenhetskonsert Nya Kyrkan
27/11 – Jokkmokk, Ájtte
21/11 – Jokkmokk, Folkets Hus
18/11 – Pajala, Café Nová
10/11 – Jokkmokk, Gamla Apoteket
6/11 – Luleå, Live P4 Norrbotten
31/10 – Luleå, Nordansmaks Café
23/10 – Jokkmokk, Folkets Hus
9/10 – Luleå, Ebeneser
8/10 – Boden, Snabelhuset
2/10 – Jokkmokk, Café Gasskas
12/9 – Luleå, Berlinscenen
12/9 – Luleå, Stadsparken
9/9 – Luleå, Ebeneser
8/8 – Måttsund, Wedding
6/8 – Jokkmokk, Café Gasskas